Zuhayr Rashid

Chief Technology Officer

About Zuhayr Rashid

´╗┐Zuhayr is a self-taught programmer who has won multiple hackathons, both blockchain-based and traditional. He learned to code in his early teens and has worked in and around the blockchain space since 2016.

His first foray into the competitive programming world was a McGill computer science bootcamp hackathon during highschool, which his team won by designing an AI-based spaceship to avoid a simulated asteroid field.

Most recently, he won the first place prize of $1 Million for the Fantom Developer Conference hackathon in 2021 in competition against 10+ other blockchain engineering teams. The product he built was a hedge fund portfolio position aggregator that represented positions within a diverse portfolio across both centralized and decentralized blockchain exchanges.

He leads the infineo technology team with his experience in full-stack programming and fluency in various modern programming languages & frameworks.
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