Noah Pollack

Growth Manager

About Noah Pollack

Active in the blockchain space since 2016, Noah Pollack has solidified his reputation as a distinguished figure in the Web3 and blockchain sectors. His most notable endeavors can be traced back to his tenure at Cointelegraph. There, he mastered the art of forging strategic alliances, launching marketing campaigns that deeply resonated with hundreds of Web 3 companies. Representing Cointelegraph on a global scale, he was instrumental in establishing invaluable relationships throughout the industry.

At Cointelegraph, Noah's insights and leadership shone brightly. He played an essential role in expanding the reach of CT’s Innovation Circle, turning it into a sought-after networking platform in the crypto community. Additionally, his collaboration with the Markets Pro team ensured an enriched subscriber experience, seamlessly incorporating invaluable partners. His involvement with the Cointelegraph Accelerator program further displayed his adeptness at nurturing startups and leading them towards success in the crypto world.

Now, stepping into his role as Growth Manager at Infineo, Noah brings his vast experiences to the forefront, setting the stage to drive exponential organizational growth in the Web3 domain. Armed with data-driven strategies and a visionary outlook, Noah's unwavering commitment to excellence positions him as a key influencer in the ever-evolving Web3 ecosystem.
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