Jackson Blau

Community Manager

About Jackson Blau

´╗┐Jackson Blau is an esteemed professional focusing on economics, entrepreneurship, and new technology, boasting an impressive career trajectory. He began his career in various positions in real estate. His experience continued to grow as a Venture Fellow for Detroit Venture Partners, where his research surrounded the Tokenization of Commercial Real Estate. After becoming enthralled with secondary markets for alternative investments, Jackson worked as Community Manager at Security Token Market where he was instrumental in researching and analyzing the emerging world of security token. Jackson has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Entrepreneurship from the University of Michigan.

As the Head of Community Management, Jackson is responsible for engaging the community and overseeing strategic partnerships, public relations, social media, and more. He is committed to professional excellence and his unique ability to combine analytical skills, critical thinking, and innovative thought processes. His extensive background in various sectors reflects a dynamic and adaptable professional who continues positively impacting those around him.
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