Alec Beckman

Director Business Development

About Alec Beckman

Alec Beckman is a seasoned professional in the Digital Asset space, with expertise in compliance and execution. He oversees the implementation of infineo’s Digital Asset Initiative.

Alec began his journey in the blockchain industry in 2015, making initially learning about Ethereum and Bitcoin. Following his studies at Pennsylvania State University, Alec embarked on a career in the real estate industry as a commercial broker. In late 2017, he made the strategic decision to leave the real estate industry and establish his own cryptocurrency hedge fund and blockchain advisory firm.

In 2019, he explored the potential of tokenization of real-world assets. His first significant project involved tokenizing a $300 million portfolio of hotel and office properties in the Northeast US. The success of this endeavor led to the acquisition of Alec’s consulting firm by a Transfer Agent/Tokenization issuance platform. In his new role, he spent two and a half years expanding their real estate division and gaining a deeper understanding of the compliance and technical facets of tokenization.

By 2022, Alec took on the role of Head of Consulting at Security Token Advisors. Here, he worked closely with multiple issuers, platforms, and Layer 1 blockchains seeking to explore the realm of real-world asset tokenization. Among the groups he advised was infineo, offering strategic guidance on launching tokenization issuances in the market.

Alec now takes on a pivotal role at infineo as the Director of Digital Assets. He is spearheading initiatives in the web3 space, including the launch of the $SOUND Token, the development of a digital insurance marketplace, and the direct issuance of Life Insurance products.
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